10 Years of Life in Forest Because He Was Afraid Transmitting Rare Disease, This Grandfather Turns Out


Charat Rakmuen Charat Rakmuen

How unfortunate the fate of this Thailand old man. He is willing to live isolated from his family and closest people because of suffering from a rare skin disease.

He was afraid that his illness was contagious to the people he loved.

After living alone for 10 years, he now only found out that his solitude was in vain.

As reported by Metro UK, Charat Rakmuen (72) suffered painful injuries since the early age of 60 years.

Since then he decided to hide in a small forest in Trang, southern Thailand.

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Charat is afraid that his skin disease is contagious to those around him.

Deciding to live alone, he did not communicate much with others.

He only met his wife occasionally when she sent him food and medicine.

But apparently, after about 10 years passed, it is known that the illness suffered by Charat apparently not contagious.

The local government came to Charat last November after hearing news of Charat's years of suffering.

They came with medical staff.

The medical officer then examined Charat.

Charat was diagnosed with Pemphigus Foliaceus, which was apparently not contagious.

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Doctor Thiwaporn Srichanthong said that in fact Charat did not need to live in exile for years.

Thiwaporn said the only way to deal with autoimmune wound disease is by constant topical treatment from the medical.

Charat said his condition started from small boils.

But then the boils easily spread throughout the body.

Charat was unable to pay the hospital fees because after being exposed to the disease, Charat stopped working and had no income anymore.

Meanwhile Charat's wife, Pha Rakmuean (59) said she had to work as the backbone of the family.

However, his opinion is no more than 200 baht (IDR 92 thousand) per day.

The amount is very mediocre to meet all the needs of their families.

Pha Rakmuean said she had to leave her husband alone for fear of contracting.

Now, it is not yet known whether Charat plans to move from his hut and how much medical treatment he will need later.


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