Gosh! Toyota Yaris Car Stabbed with Electric Concrete Poles, Translucent from Front to Rear, Here's the What Happened


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A tragic accident occurred on the National Highway Probolinggo - Lumajang in Ranuyoso District Lumajang Regency, Thursday (5 December 2019).

A very large power poles dislodged from their transport trucks and stuck in cars that drove directly behind them.

The electric pole penetrated the windshield of the car, right in front of the passenger seat, until it penetrated to the back.

The car that was pierced by an electric pole was a Toyota Yaris car numbered N 1577 YM. The car was driven by M Mamnun (44) resident of Peruhaman Graha Semeru, Jogotrunan Village, Lumajang Regency.

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Hit by an electric pole while in his car, Mamnun tragically died.

Head of the Lumajang Regional Police Traffic Unit, AKP I Gede Putu Atma Giri said, the incident occurred at around 04:17 pm.

The location of the incident was in front of the Waten Wetan fruit market, Ranuyoso District.

When telling the chronology of the incident, Giri explained that the truck's right front tire broke.

"As a result the truck swerved to the right. From the opposite direction or from the direction Lumajang drove the tronton truck," said Giri.

As a result of the collision, the electric chain link concrete pole detached.

It makes a concrete out of place.

The concrete finally drove back until it broke into the Yaris car behind it.

Due to the distance of the car with the truck too close, the driver Yaris could not avoid the concrete that was released from the truck in front of him.

Yaris driver got help at Dr. Haryoto Lumajang Regional Hospital.

But his life could not be helped.

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"Now we have towed three vehicles, and secured them at the Laka Lantas Office.

Luckily we can evacuate quickly, so there will not be protracted traffic jams, "added Giri.

While the driver of the electric pole transport truck, and the tronton truck were still questioned at the Lumajang Police Station Traffic Accident Unit Office.

Furthermore, Giri appealed to road users to be careful.

The scene is a straight path, but the road is narrow. "So you should be more careful, especially drivers of heavy vehicles," said Giri.


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