Being Thrown With a Pencil by a Friend, 2 Pieces of Tin Were Found in the Eyes of Teenagers 13 This Year


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A 13-year-old teenage girl from Manchester almost became blind after being thrown in a pencil by her classmate.

According to a report in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports, a few millimeters of the pencil penetrated her retina.

The teenager initially felt nothing in her eyes after being moved by a pencil. Until finally a friend told him that there was something strange in the whites of her eyes (sclera).

She told me at first a friend threw a pencil from the front of the class to her place when he was talking with other friends. At that time the pencil directly hit his eyes, but she did not feel any pain even though some pencils had entered into her eyes.

"At first I didn't realize what was happening until my friend said they saw something strange in my eyes," she said.

After that she immediately told her teacher and her parents came. Panik, the mother of the teenager, immediately took her child to the Royal Manchester Eye Hospital. The doctor immediately asked him to do an eye test and saw that there were two lead stuck in her eyes.

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One piece is known as long as 0.67 cm. The cut has penetrated the limbus or border between the cornea and the eye sclera. While other pieces of lead, has a length of about 0.16 cm which is only a few millimeters from the eye's retina.

The retina is one part of the eye that works to process images of focused light. Damage to this part of the eye can cause permanent blindness.

The teenager also needed surgery to remove the lead pieces in her eyes. Doctors use forceps to carefully remove the pieces from the limbus.

However, taking a smaller part through the retina is difficult, so it requires the doctor to remove some of the tissue around the main part.

Thank God the operation was successful. The child was also asked to use eye drops and wear an eye patch for 2 weeks. For two months after the procedure, the girl performed a routine checkup so that the doctor could confirm that she was completely healed.


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