Disgusting! 700 Tapeworms Is Nesting Nearly in All of the Organs of This Chinese Man


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Diseases in a person's body can come from many things, especially from one's lifestyle.

The food we eat can also have a big influence on our body.

As experienced by a man from Hangzhou, East China, named Zhu Zhong-fa.

Not knowing what was eaten by Zhu, until for a month he often felt headaches and often experienced seizures.

He also went for treatment at the First Affiliated Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine, Zhejiang University.

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Doctor Wang Jiang-rong, a specialist in infectious diseases, who examined Zhu found something terrible about the man's body.

Doctor Wang Jiang-rong diagnosed him with taenaysis.

The doctor also found more than 700 live tapeworms throughout the patient's body.

Doctors explain the tapeworm could be derived from tapeworm eggs that nest in undercooked or infected pork.

In this case Dr. Wang revealed that the tapeworm occupied several organs in Zhu's body.

The worm is lodged in the brain, lungs, muscles, and in the chest cavity.

Even the infection has damaged the organs of the patient.


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