Trending in China; Single Women Hunt for Sperm Donors from Foreign Men, this is the Cause


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Not knowing what wind is blowing into the East Bamboo Negari. The principle of being single but wanting to have children has become a trend for established women in the Bamboo Curtain Country to want to have children from their womb but without a husband. The method is through donor sperm.

Xiaogunzhu, the pseudonym of a Chinese woman, is one single woman who is very interested in this program.

The 39-year-old woman also saw a catalog on the internet and was attracted by a photo of a blue-eyed French-Irish man.

China actually has a sperm bank from a man from China himself, but unmarried women may not access it to participate in IVF. That is why, if you want to have an IVF, Chinese women eyeing foreign male sperm.

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Xiaogunzhu had made a choice, namely a sperm donor with code # 14471 which he obtained on the California sperm bank website. After feeling fit, he flew to the United States to begin the initial IVF process.

Her baby is now 9 months old and given the name Oscar, like a character in the French revolution comics and refers to the origin of the sperm donor.

Based on information, it turns out Chinese educated women are reluctant to have a husband, because they face 'discrimination' when looking for a partner.

According to sociologists, men are reluctant to marry Chinese women who are smarter or have higher social status and education.

Over time, these professional women consider marriage not the only way to have children.

Xiaogunzhu included believing that she did not need a husband to have children. What's more, he had a bitter experience because he was often scolded and often arranged by his father.

Lenih continued, analysts predicted the fertility business in China would reach 1.5 billion US by 2022, doubling more than 2016. But demand for sperm donors from abroad also increased rapidly.

Costs incurred to buy donor sperm abroad start from 200,000 yuan. That does not include IVF programs as well as transportation and accommodation in countries that provide sperm donors.

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In addition, the applicant must make several trips abroad for medical procedures, because Chinese law prohibits the import of human sperm.

China's national health ministry does not free its citizens to buy donor sperm, because for them the purpose of sperm banks is to overcome infertility and prevent genetic diseases.

Thus, the sperm bank is not for single women, but for those who are married but cannot have children.


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