a Resident of Cingam Rupat Bengkalis found dead, suspected of suicide


(Residents of Sungai Cingam Village, Bengkalis find a corpse (photo / int)) (Residents of Sungai Cingam Village, Bengkalis find a corpse (photo / int)) -

BENGKALIS- Residents of Jalan Suka Ramai RT 18 hamlet 05 Sungai Cingam Village, Rupat District, Bengkalis Regency were shocked by the discovery of a male corpse in the trench on Friday, December 6, 2019 yesterday.

It is known, the victim named Daryono alias Iyon (51) is a farmer resident of Joloh river RT 18 hamlet 5 of Cingam river village, Rupat District.

Meanwhile, Kapatek Rupat AKP Masrial when contacted, Saturday 7 December 2019 confirmed the discovery of a male corpse in the trench.

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"A corpse was suspected to have committed suicide. Where at that time, the community and the bhabinkamtibmas conducted a search for missing persons. Because the victim had not returned home for several days. And when the people sook for him on the garden's street then they found a dead body in the trenches, the head of Rupat Police Station, Masrial said. 

With the discovery of the corpse, continued Rupat police chief, then the victim's family was notified and came to the scene in order to recognize the characteristics of the corpse.

"When the body was found, the victim's family, the brother of the victim, confirmed that in accordance with the characteristics of the corpse and clothing found at the scene. Furthermore, bhabinkamtibmas together with local residents immediately evacuated the Raudhatul Fallah mosque to be examined by Dr. Sanggam If and continued the funeral, "concluded Kapatek Rupat AKP Masrial. (R24 / Hari)


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