Get Ready Tonight , Pekanbaru Residents Must Prepare Umbrellas


(Saturday night Pekanbaru will rain in the rain (photo / int)) (Saturday night Pekanbaru will rain in the rain (photo / int)) -

PEKANBARU- Before calling a girlfriend on this Saturday night, Pekanbaru residents must know the weather forecast if they don't want to get wet with their sweetheart.

Based on the weather forecast released by the Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Pekanbaru City, Saturday (12/07/2019) predicts the Pekanbaru area and its surroundings have the potential for light to heavy rain in the afternoon and evening.

"The weather in Pekanbaru is generally cloudy, but it has the potential to rain with mild to heavy intensity accompanied by lightning and strong winds occurring at night," explained the BMKG Pekanbaru City Preacher, Gita Dewi Siregar in her short message whatsapp.

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In addition to Pekanbaru, several other areas that have a chance to rain at night include Rokan Hilir Regency, Rokan Hulu Regency, Kampar Regency, Pelalawan Regency, Indragiri Hulu Regency and Kuantan Singingi Regency.

Meanwhile, continued Gita, the air temperature was estimated to be in the range of 23.0 to 32.0 degrees Celsius, with 60-99 percent humidity.

"The wind blows from the North - East direction, when bad weather can reach 47 km / hour," he explained. (R24 / Put)


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