Member of Commission IV of Bengkalis Parliament Shed a Tear When Submitting Ambulance


(DPRD members shed tears when submitting ambulance (photo / HARI)) (DPRD members shed tears when submitting ambulance (photo / HARI)) -

BENGKALIS- Bengkalis Regency DPRD member from the United Development Party (PPP) from Commission IV Firman handed over an operational vehicle to support health facilities, in the form of an ambulance unit for use by the Palkun village community, Bengkalis District, Bengkalis Regency, Saturday 7 December 2019.

The hand over of an Ambulance unit is from a member of Bengkalis Parliament, Bengkalis-Bantan district, fulfilling the aspirations of the community by marking ribbon cutting, handing over an ambulance recess vehicle and the fourth day of silaturrahim.

Submitting this ambulance, Firman seemed unable to cover his tears that were flowing because he felt emotional, accompanied by a number of village officials and witnessed by hundreds of people.

This opportunity Firman invited the community together and united to develop and advance the Village of Palkun.

"As long as it is the right way with the capabilities available, I will try my best to build this village to spill my blood," said Firman in front of the community during the recess.

"Thanks to the community's prayers from 2017 to today, I will continue to fight for the aspirations of the people here. Today is a recess to return to accommodate aspirations. This opportunity I say thousands of thanks to the people who helped during the April 2019 elections that have not I have said it, "said a member of Commission IV of the Parliament who had been in Palkun village since 1986.

Firman is also very grateful to be able to contribute to the development of the Village of Palkun. In 2019 the aspirations have been fully realized and for the next 2020 budget year, a number of proposals have been budgeted in the APBD and infrastructure development activities will also continue.

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"Thank God, there is evidence from me. I really hope the Palkun Village community will come together to unite to build this village. The ambulance is one of the aspirations and also the support of Bengkalis Regent Amril Mukminin and Chairman of the PKK Kasmarni TP," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Palkun Village, Samsul said, that the ambulance through the aspirations of the Bengkalis Parliament member, is the only ambulance in the village.

"This is the only ambulance since the village was founded. Of course we are very grateful to the community Mr. Firman. Through his aspirations willing to help the village, so that our village has an ambulance like other villages," said Samsul.

The village head of the Palkun also said that in the past few years the development of infrastructure in his village has been quite and felt a lot and is inseparable from the struggle of Bengkalis Parliament member Mr. Firman.

"Thanks to the struggle of Mr. Firman, we all of the community expressed their gratitude. Our village has gradually been able to build and now has its own ambulance. Hopefully our village will progress and not be left behind," Samsul said.

After handing over an ambulance unit, Firman also handed 75 rice camps to 75 family heads (KK), who helped him sit as a member of parliament in the last election. (R24 / Hari)


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