Crazy! The Artwork of 'Banana is Tape on the Wall' is Sold at IDR 1.6 Billion


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How artistic the artwork of  "Banana is tape on the wall" was, until the painting was officially sold for $ 120,000 or equivalent to IDR 1.6 billion in an art auction.

Art in the form of banana ducted on the wall is exhibited at Miami's Art Basel on Sunday. This work also had a warm conversation among artists.

The work was named "The Comedian", made by artist Maurizio Cattelan, an artist from Italy who is famous among art lovers around the world.

The owner of the art gallery, Emmanuel Perrotin said that Maurizio's work is not about an object, but rather how these objects move the world.

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Several art critics appeared to comment on this work of art.

Some revealed that this "banana ducted on the wall" artwork was a perfect representation of the art world that was experiencing financial gaps.

Reported by CBS News citing the media release of the Perrotin gallery, the artist had thought of a statue that looked like a banana.

"Every time he travels, he (the artist) always brings a banana and hangs it in a hotel room to find inspiration. He has used a number of models; first using resin, then bronze, then painted bronze before finally returning to his original idea of ??a banana real, "Emmanuel Perrotin said.

The artist states never give instructions / instructions to the buyers of his artwork when the banana starts to rot.

The Miami Herald media reported that the owners of the artworks could replace bananas as they wish, as needed.



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