Indonesian Who Claims as a 'Socialite' From Indonesia Is Chased by Hong Kong Police, This Is the Problem


Azura Luna Mangunhardjono Azura Luna Mangunhardjono

An Indonesian citizen (WNI) is currently being hunted for alleged fraud in Hong Kong.

South China Morning Post on Saturday (7 December 2019) wrote an article entitled The Rise and Fall of the Hong Kong Socialite Azura.

The woman from Kediri, East Java, named Azura Luna Mangunhardjono (allegedly not her real name), was reported in the article to have committed a series of frauds over the past few years.

Azura pretends to be a Hong Kong socialite born from a wealthy family in Indonesia.

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The Young Consul for Information, Social and Cultural Affairs of the Consulate General, Vani Alexandra Lijaya, said that the Consulate General knew about the Indonesian citizen case from the local media. Checking and coordinating with local authorities as well as at the Center are carried out immediately.

In accordance with the Law and Legal Provisions in force in Indonesia, for every Indonesian citizen who is Abroad, then faces legal problems either as perpetrators or victims, the Indonesian Representative (Consulate General in Hong Kong) will provide legal assistance.

"Proportional and measurable legal assistance, among others, provides advocacy, assistance in the trial process, providing interpreters, and other steps deemed necessary," said Vania.

Azura is known not to pay rent for apartments with a total bill of HK $ 460,000 (IDR 826 million).

In another case a Hong Kong-based organization filed a police report to recover their HK $ 170,000 (IDR 305 million) for the goods Azura offered at the auction and did not pay them.

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His ex-friend also proposed that Azura owed £ 20,000 to buy wine.

Azura's aide also claimed she had not been paid for eight years so Azura owed HK $ 76,000 (IDR 136 million) for her salary.

The Household Assistant has also reported it to the labor court.

Even carpet cleaners and florists say Azura owes them money.


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