The Words 'Shoot Dead' Written by West Sumatra Governor's Wife Spread in the Cyber ??World, This is the Response of Irwan Prayitno


Andre Rosiade, Nevi Zuairina, Irwan Prayitno Andre Rosiade, Nevi Zuairina, Irwan Prayitno - West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno finally opened his voice about his wife's chat Nevi Zuairina related to 'Andre's death shot'.

The statement 'shot dead' was originally made by Nevi Zuairina when Andre Rosiade commented on foreign visits that were often carried out by Irwan Prayitno.

Then a screenshot of Nevi Zuairina's statement circulated in a WhatsApp (WA) group. The statement seemed to express to Nevi's annoyance towards Andre who commented on Irwan's visit.

"What do you want, Andrew, the report, Pak Guspardi Gaus, because you don't have to be served by the local government, don't come along if you don't understand the problem of Andre's behavior. A source of pity for the family if you behave like NGOs like this. Even though your board is honored, "Nevi wrote in the WA group TF Politics of Defense and Security Law A.

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According to Irwan Prayitno, it was a conversation in the WA group, which was limited to their groups in WA, not for public consumption.

"The problem is, being directed to the public is a question," Irwan Prayitno wondered.

Furthermore, Irwan Prayitno explained, he and his wife already considered Andre Rosiade like a brother.

"From 1999, I became a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives. He was a Tri Sakti student. In the afternoon the demo went to the DPR, then to my workplace," said Irwan Prayitno.

Irwan Prayitno considers, his wife made the phrase because of the proximity to Andre Rosiade.

"Maybe my wife is watching because it's close, if you look at it word by word, don't twist it."

"Look at the phrase per word in my wife's expression. That's an expression of advice," said Irwan Prayitno.

He considered, his wife advised Andre not to act like an NGO, it was because Andre Rosiade's way of speaking was inappropriate and not appropriate.

"What was posted was the Minister of Home Affairs warning to me regarding commission II coming to West Sumatra, I was not there, the Deputy Governor was not there, nor was the Regional Secretary absent."

"But his comments have even been reprimanded to me abroad? Are they connected? That's what my wife commented on," concluded Irwan Prayitno.

DPR RI Commission VI member Gerindra Faction, Andre Rosiade, said the writings of Nevi Zuarina, wife of the Governor of West Sumatra, as a form of intimidation against him.

Andre called the writing of the wife of the Governor of West Sumatra as a form of threat.

Contrary to Irwan, Andre found the response of his criticism to the Governor of West Sumatra interesting.

The reason was that he claimed to criticize President Jokowi every day, but never received the threat of shooting.

"If I'm a bit interesting, in 2014-2019 I almost every day criticize President Jokowi, I have never been threatened with being shot," said Andre Rosiade at Menara Kompas Studio, Sunday (15 December 2019), quoted from Kompas TV YouTube.

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He called the wife of the Governor of West Sumatra as a local ruler who was disturbed by criticism.

He said, Nevi Zuarina was not ready to accept criticism from him.

"Not ready to be criticized and then throw a throw that I think is indicative of intimidating me," he said.

"Though he shouldn't have responded with emotion, because what we did was a constitutional right to question the Governor using the APBD," he said.

"It's only natural for people to ask," continued the Gerindra Party politician.

Andre also said, he has data on the allegations that he directed to the Governor of West Sumatra.

"Almost every month, we have the data, so we want interpellation," Andre added.


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