Like a Hotel Room, Setnov and Nazarudin's Room in Sukamiskin Prison 2 Times Bigger than Bung Karno's Room


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - Sukamiskin Penitentiary (Lapas) is known as a prison for convicted corruption cases.

Former state officials, regional officials, even senior political party officials who were proven guilty of corruption, were convicted in the Sukamiskin prison.

In the era of the struggle for independence, Sukamiskin Prison was also historic. Ir Soekarno had been in prison related to political activities to liberate Indonesia.

The room is located in the north block of room number TA 01. The room is approximately 5 square meters. Some of the walls look like they have worn out. The mattress is made of cotton with an iron wire support.

"All the equipment here is all original. The former was used by Bung Karno," said Yoga, Sukamiskin Lapas officer.

There are no special treatments or rituals for this room. But, certainly, the room was always neat and always cleaned.

"There is no (special treatment) but certainly always cleaned," he said.

The location of the detention room that had been used by Sukarno, was not far from the rooms of Setya Novanto alias Setnov, the former Speaker of the Republic of Indonesia House who was convicted of the corruption of the Electronic ID Card.

The Soekarno and Setnov rooms are only one room apart. Across Setnov's room, there was Nazarudin's room, both convicted of corruption.

The two convicted rooms were far more spacious than the former rooms occupied by Sukarno. However, Setnov's room and Nazarudin's room were double the size of Soekarno's.


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