Freeing Cipinang Prison, Kriss Hatta Didn't Have Time to Say Goodbye to Ahmad Dhani


Kriss Hatta Kriss Hatta - After five months in prison, Kriss Hatta was finally officially released from Cipinang Prison, East Jakarta, (22 Dec) Sunday afternoon. He was detained there related to the persecution case reported by Antony Hillenaar as the victim.

This 31-year-old male man admitted many memorable moments while he was in prison, such as being together with other prisoners. In addition, apparently Kriss also had a chance to meet with Ahmad Dhani but he did not have time to say goodbye.

In addition, Kriss admitted that although he rarely met in prison, he had a chance to chat and share information with Ahmad Dhani. Unfortunately, when asked what the chat was about, Kriss was reluctant to disclose.

"It's not too often because the blocks are different. It's just that I like to share information about being a politician, what's it like, bro, all kinds of chatting, lots of it. It's just impossible for me to talk here again," he said.

Not only that, later when Ahmad Dhani was free, Kriss Hatta claimed that he was invited to collaborate together on Youtube. He said that when Dhani was free he would have his own YouTube channel.




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