Nikita Mirzani Was Wonder Visiting Pasha Ungu's House, Here's the Luxury of Pasha's House


Nikita Mirzani in Pasha's House Nikita Mirzani in Pasha's House
At midnight celebrity Nikita Mirzani goes to Pasha Ungu's house.

Nikita Mirzani claimed she was made a song by the man whose real name was Sigit Purnomo Syamsuddin Said.

She explained her arrival for the sake of recording his new song.

After a long journey, Nikita Mirzani finally arrived at Pasha Ungu's house in West Java.

But when she saw the condition of the Pasha Ungu house, Nikita Mirzani was left open.

"This is like 1000 Ha," she added.

While walking from the parking lot to the Pasha Ungu home veranda, Nikita Mirzani did not stop beating in awe.

Nikita Mirzani is curious about the money that Pasha Ungu has paid to pay electricity every month.

In the yard of the vast Pasha Ungu home, dozens of lights lined up to dozens of garden lights.

"It's really crazy, I think Aa Pasha has a basement," said Nikita Mirzani.

"How much does he pay for electricity per month?"

Because of the vastness, Nikita Mirzani found it difficult to find the Pasha Ungu home veranda.

After walking for a long time, Nikita Mirzani finally found the main house building.

In front of the veranda, Pasha Ungu stood while busy holding HT.

"Amazing, oh my, how cool is his house," said Nikita Mirzani.

Nikita Mirzani then curious about the area of ??Pasha Ungu.

"How many meters is this?" asked Nikita Mirzani.

"Half a HA, 6000 meters," answered Pasha Ungu.

The Purple Pasha modestly called his half-hectare house small.

"Small things," said Pasha Ungu.

"His name was also accommodated," he added.

Pasha Ungu then invited Nikita Mirzani to tour her house.

The house is dominated by white color, displayed a number of luxury furniture.

Not only that, in the middle of the house there was also a swimming pool, to a large musala.

"This oath is a dream home," said Nikita Mirzani.


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