Disgusting! a Customer At This Restaurant Leaves Used Diapers in Baby Chairs


Source: Worldofbuzz Source: Worldofbuzz - Two days ago at Christmas, a disgusting event occurred at a restaurant in Shah Alam. Restaurant owners put up harsh words about someone who just left their dirty diapers on a baby's chair without cleaning them at all. The post received a lot of attention on social media and netizens criticized the family for not being responsible.

Here's the article by the owner of the restaurant named, Miss Noor Akmar:

"Is there any variation? It's okay if you spill Milo in all directions, we can clean it. It's okay if fried rice is on the floor, we can sweep it. But diapers that feel heavy when taken? This is an example of a customer who is not always right. "

From this post, we can clearly see that the owner clearly feels depressed and frustrated.

In the picture he installed, a diaper is located in one of the baby's chairs.


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