Fantastic! This Richest Man from Asia Built a 27 Floor Private House and Employed 600 Helpers


The house of one of richest family in the world The house of one of richest family in the world -Having abundant money might be the dream of many people.

However, it turns out that in this world there are still many people who are confused about spending their money.

Starting from shopping for various branded goods at exorbitant prices.

Like one of the richest families in Asia. This family is known to have fantastic wealth.

Reporting from, the total wealth of the Amabani family reached 60 billion US dollars.

The amount is equivalent to Rp. 868 trillion.

It is known that the Ambani family lives in a fairly large and most expensive house in the world.

The Amabani family was spearheaded by Dhirubhai Ambani.

Amabani family wealth has the largest fiber and yarn company in the world.

In fact, now they have Reliance Industries which has businesses ranging from petroleum, chemicals, to mobile phones.

In addition to assets and wealth that is quite fantastic, there is one thing that is quite interesting from this family.

The house they have is very extraordinary.

Their residence is called Antilia.

Their house is an apartment that has 27 floors.

The location is in the heart of Mumbai.

The 27-story house is occupied by Ambani, his wife named Nita, and their three children, Anant, Akash, and Isha.

They have occupied the luxury house since 2010.

That means the five of them occupy a 27-story house for approximately nine years.

Inside his house, there are various luxurious facilities including a theater area with 50 spectator seats.

Interestingly, there are nine elevators that stretch from the lobby and multipurpose room for guests.

There are also swimming pool facilities floating on the edge of the apartment.

The parking garage also stretches to six levels to store 160 cars.

Even though the house is quite large with 27 floors, it still maintains its cleanliness.

How not to stay clean and maintained.

This family has more than 600 helpers who are available 24 hours a day.

Amazingly, despite having a lot of cleaning staff, but all three children still have the responsibility to clean their respective rooms.

"This is a modern home with an Indian heart."

"We made our house quite high because we like the sun, so it was a house that was raised above the park." Nita Ambani was quoted as saying by Vanity Fair.

Despite having such a grand house, Ambani's family often leaves his home in India to travel the world.

Usually they travel the world with the private Airbus family.

It is known Ambani bought the Airbus as a present for his wife at his birthday celebration in 2007.



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