Amazing! Being Broken up by Boyfriend And Insulted Poor By Prospective In-laws, This Woman Proves She Can Be Successful


Rozmiza Rozman Rozmiza Rozman - Today's viral story comes from a woman who had been dumped by her boyfriend, but she was also insulted by her future in-laws because she was poor. Now her life is very successful.

Being born from wealthy and respectable parents is what everyone wants.

But unfortunately we cannot choose to be born into a family like what.

Including this woman named Rozmiza Rozman.

She shared her experience of being ridiculed and insulted by the parents of her boyfriend because she came from a poor family.

The story was shared by @RozmizaRozman's Twitter account on Sunday (05 January 2020).

Rozmiza said the parents of her lover wanted to have a son-in-law who worked as a civil servant.

While she comes from difficult people with economic limitations.

They are not blessed, even though he and her lover have been dating since the age of 16 years.

Previously, their love affair was fine.

The two also support each other.

After that, Rozmiza promised herself to work hard after graduating from college.

She was determined to buy volkswagen as her future in-laws wanted.

But her  desire was laughed at.

She was insulted from a poor family who could not possibly buy the luxury car.

Once Rozmiza said her boyfriend had contacted to borrow money.

But apparently her boyfriend actually went with another woman.

Feeling betrayed, their relationship then ended.

She felt very hurt and down.

Rozmiza blocked all of her ex-boyfriend's contacts and did not want to be in contact again.

Then he was still determined to prove that he could succeed and make those who had insulted him regret it.

Five years passed, his hard work paid off. She managed to buy a house to buy a car.

It's true that she can't buy Volkswagen, but she can buy a Mercedes CLA AMG.

Rozmiza thanked her former lover and family who had insulted her.

She said she did not hold a grudge, because the incident actually made her have the motivation to work hard.

Currently he works as a financial consultant.

She is 25 years old, has a good career, a house and two cars.

One message that has always been her motivation is don't be weak because people laugh at us when we are weak.

Not only that Rozmiza then shared a few tips when left by a partner so as not to sink.




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