Teddy Accused of Having Black Magic, Former Assistant Lina Reveals Their Household Secrets


The former asisstant of Lina, Butet The former asisstant of Lina, Butet -  After Lina's death, many parties gave testimony to Lina's life after separating from Sule.

Some mentioned that Lina's attitude had changed since she married Teddy.

This was felt by the former assistant of the late Lina, Butet.

Butet said that Lina's attitude began to change, since Lina and herself were invited by Teddy to the 'smart people' Teddy knew.

When Butet asked Lina the purpose of being bathed, Lina only answered that the ritual was only for cleaning the body.

Butet also claimed not to dare to ask further.

After the bathing ritual, Butet admitted that she began to feel something different from Lina.

Reporting from YouTube shows beepdo (11 January 2020), Butet even mentioned that Teddy often deals with mystical things.

"Indeed, Teddy is mystically powerful," said Butet.

Accused of having black magic, Teddy, Lina's husband suddenly spoke up.

Teddy's news has black magic, previously delivered by Teddy's ex-wife, Icha, who now lives in America.

Contacted by telephone, Icha said that for 11 years she had been married to him, Teddy was known to like oil that had a strong scent.

Not only that, Icha also mentioned that Teddy often burned incense.

Openly in the telephone connection, Icha said that Teddy often studied and played black magic.

Starting from there, the news broke out that Teddy was suspected of having black magic and used it to get Lina.

Responding to this Teddy finally spoke up. He denies that this is just a hoaks.

Then, when asked about the demolition of Lina's grave, Teddy said he was not disappointed.

Because it was done to prove the awkwardness in Lina's death.

"No word of disappointment, disappointed with who?" Teddy said.

Furthermore, Teddy revealed that he felt wronged.


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