Association Wives of People's Representatives of Siak 2019-2024 Period Formed, Here are the Committee


(Wife of DPRD chair Endang Kurnia holds a meeting for the wives of all board members (photo / Lin) (Wife of DPRD chair Endang Kurnia holds a meeting for the wives of all board members (photo / Lin) -

SIAK - Wife of Parliament chairperson Endang Kurnia held a meeting for the wives of all members of the council to hold an agenda / activity for wives in doing positive things to the community in the social, health, education and economic fields.

In order to create this activity, the wife of the chairman of the Council Endang Kurnia formed the Structural organization of GATRIWARA Siak district Council and the chair of the activity committee in each district to carry out this activity.

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Electoral District I is chaired by Sujarwo's wife - Dian Andayani

Electoral District II is chaired by Sudarman's wife - Tumilah

Electoral District III is chaired by Zulkilfi's wife - Yusmawati

District IV is chaired by the wife of Paramanda Pakpahan-Risma ulita

Structural Organization of the GATRIWARA DPRD in the regency of 2019-2024

Chairman: Endang kurnita Azmi

Deputy I: Giana pratidina basrindu fairus

Deputy II: Nurul hikmah androy

Secretary: Rila Susana Indra

Treasurer: Evarianti is naughty

Head of Electoral District I: Dian Andayani Sujarwo

Chief of Electoral District II: Tumilah Sudarman

Chairman of Electoral District III: Yusmiati zulkilfi

Chairman of Electoral District IV: Risma Ulita Paramanda pakpahan. (R24 / Lin)


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