Pity! Parent Are Drug Addicts, This 7 Year-Old Boy Lived in a House Full of Trash and Heroin Needles Everywhere


Garbage is scattered throughout this house Garbage is scattered throughout this house
A 7-year-old boy was found abandoned and lived in a house full of rubbish.

Being reported from, seen heroin needles, rotten food and fly lice when social services and police arrived at the house.

Based on the Leicestershire Live report, the boy has disappeared from circulation after transferring schools, and has not been seen for six months.

Alexander Wolfson, the prosecutor, said: "The house is in disgusting condition, with rotten food and heaps of rubbish everywhere."

He added that their kitchen smelled rancid with a few cans of food left open and there was evidence of rat droppings. The stove at the house can't be used, there's moldy food in the fridge. There is a lot of garbage scattered around the house, so anyone in the house becomes difficult to move.

Illegal drugs and items related to taking heroin, as well as needles, were scattered at the house.

Not only that, dirt was found on the walls of the house.

A child found in the house appeared to have no change of clothes and no pajamas. He is not wearing underwear or socks. "

The boy explained to the police that he ate cookies during the day, as well as bread and butter with tomato sauce at night. He played with the toaster in his father's bedroom - and slept whenever he wanted.

The parents of the child, who did not mention their names, pleaded guilty to violating the child's cruelty by ignoring it.

Investigate a calibaration, before the boy was also helped magnified by his grandfather and grandmother, but when his grandfather and grandmother died the boy lived with his parents.



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