Heartbreaking; Remember the Girl Who Suffered from Malnutrition for the Sake of the Treatment of the Younger Brother? Now the Girl Died


Wu Huayan Wu Huayan
A 24-year-old Chinese girl, Wu Huayan, who is a third-year economics student at a university in Guizhou, is said to have died.

Previously she was reportedly willing to sacrifice his breakfast and preferred to eat bread or rice with chili sauce for lunch and dinner so thats he could limit his expenses to only 2 yuan (RM 1.20) per day in order to save for medical expenses for her brother who had cancer.

Unhealthy eating patterns have caused malnutrition. Even his hair and eyebrows fell out, her immune system decreased and his legs were swollen. Her weighs only 21kg and her height is only 135cm. However, she was unable to pay expensive medical bills to treat her condition, so she used cheap medicines for herself.

When her health declined, he could barely walk and her face was pale. Under the advice of friends and family, Wu finally consulted a doctor to check his health condition. Ms. Wu was found to have a severe health condition with 3 damaged valves in her heart. He needed 200,000 yuan (RM118,000) for her medical expenses but he refused to undergo medical treatment.

Her friends and relatives could not bear to see Wu's suffering and told Wu to start a crowdfund for her medical expenses. After she posted the situation on the website, she received donations from many people and one of them even contributed half of their monthly salary to his medical expenses. She was very touched by the deeds of strangers even though these good people did not know Wu directly.

However, she could not undergo surgery because it weighed less than 30kg, and he was declared dead on January 13, 2020, reported by Sin Chew.

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