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The Requirements Needed to be the Head of Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) in Inhil, the Regent Says the Candidate's Wife Cannot Live Outside Tembilahan


Inhil Regent, HM Wardan Inhil Regent, HM Wardan - Regent of Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau, HM Wardan began to feel frustrated by the wife of the head of the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) who did not stay with the husband.

Not without the reason, said the Regent, because he was not accompanied by his wife, a number of Kadis eventually had to go back and forth Tembilahan-PKU or other places.

To make this incident does not drag on, the Regent also will make a fact of integrity that must be signed by every Head of OPD to be appointed.

"He lives in Tembilahan, his wife in PKU. So every Friday he is busy going to go", explained the Regent when inaugurating the Managing Director of PDAM Tirta Indragiri some time ago.

In the fact of integrity, the Regent said that the Kadis statement that his wife was ready to accompany and live in Tembilahan.

"Agreeing to disagree, anyway we must agree," said the Regent.

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