Just After Mourning of the Loss of His Former Wife, SuleWill Get Married Soon, Here's How Sule's Lawyer Unloading the Marriage Details


Sule Sule - Comedian Sule is rumored to be engaged in January 2020, and married next February.

This was conveyed by Sule's attorney, Dose Hudaya when, Wednesday (15 January 2020).

However, according to Dose, Sule's plan must be postponed because Sule's ex-wife, Lina Jubaedah had just passed away on Saturday (4 January 2020).

He continued, Sule planned to get married on February 22, 2020, but it was postponed.

According to Dose, Sule's happy day will take place in Jakarta in April 2020.

Dose added, Sule and his future wife had not yet registered with the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

However, the administrative files of both parties are complete and ready to be registered.

He said, Sule's future wife is not from the artist.

According to Dose, Sule and his future wife had not had a long relationship.

However, Sule's attorney said, both of them already have principles to build a shared household.

Comedian Muhammad Azis or better known as Azis 'Stuttering' opens his voice over rumors that Sule is about to get married.

Azis claimed not to know the news of Sule's wedding plans.

As a friend, Azis said, Sule never had a story about the wedding plans.

But, according to Azis, Sule really should have a new life partner so as not to be lonely.

In addition, Azis also considered that it was time for Sule to take care of it.

He will also support any decision from Sule regarding his life companion.

According to him, the most important thing, for him is happiness from Sule.





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