The Story of Haunted Doll; Has Been Wasted With Various Ways, This Doll Returns Again to the Home of the Owner


Frozen doll that always returns to Mrs. Emily's house Frozen doll that always returns to Mrs. Emily's house - It is no secret that a doll can be something that makes the hair stand on end as shown in a number of mystery films.

But this time, a doll that does not look scary is actually a terror for a mother from Houston, United States.

The mother named Emily Madonia felt so frightened of the Frozen doll, Princess Elsa, who returned to her home after being thrown in the trash.

Frozen figure doll, Princess Elsa is a Christmas gift for her child. She had thrown the doll in the trash twice consciously, but surprisingly, the doll always returned to her house.

She was so worried that something had happened to her daughter, Aurelia.

She shared the Frozen puppet terror story in a post on social media Facebook quoted by and Vice, Thursday (16 January 2020).

Emily Madonia bought an Elsa doll for her son Aurelia as a 2013 Christmas gift.

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The first few years, the doll looked normal, as reported by Vice, Thursday (16 January 2020).

This doll can sound if someone presses the button on the necklace.

The sound that comes out is exactly like the dialogue in the movie Frozen and can sing "Let it Go".

The button is only one and is the same button with the same sound.

There are no other buttons in the doll.

However, according to Mirror and Vice's report, Emily's fear began when the doll she bought for her son, Aurelia, suddenly sang to herself in Spanish, when the button was turned off.

Emily was curious because there were no buttons to change languages.

She and her husband, Matt, decided to dispose of the doll (with the permission of her child).

Instead of feeling relieved, Emily's fear grew even more because the doll returned to their home, not once, but twice.

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On Facebook, Emily wrote, "Mat threw it away a few weeks ago and then we found it again on a wooden bench

"Okay ... so we feel something strange and (we) then wrap it tightly in a garbage bag, mix it with other trash, tie it up, put it in another layer of garbage bags and put it at the bottom of the pile of bags other trash, then took it to the sidewalk and dumped it in a garbage dump in front of the house, "Emily wrote.

The family then went on vacation and hopes that will not happen again.

But when they returned home, the doll reappeared.

Feeling unsuccessful in removing the Elsa doll, Emily decided to get rid of the item by sending it to a very far place.

She sent the doll to her friend, Chris, who lived more than 1,500 miles away from her home.

In the package, Emily wrote 'haunted doll story' to Chris to try to cheer himself up.

She made sure Chris accepted the shipment and hoped that the doll be attached to the hood of her car.

"So that it does not go anywhere else," she concluded.



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