Pity! Neglected by the Hospital, a 30-Year Pregnant Woman Gives Birth in the Hospital Toilet


The patient who had given birth to her baby in the toilet of waiting room in a hospital The patient who had given birth to her baby in the toilet of waiting room in a hospital - Cut Vivi (30), the mother who gave birth to Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh Regional Hospital became viral. Imagine, the article gave birth to Cut Vivi occurred in the hospital waiting room toilet. This incident occurred on Wednesday (16 January 2020) at around 11:30 p.m. West Indonesian Time.

The horrendous incident caused the baby's lips to bump.

Sudirman (40) Cutvivi's husband, a resident of Drien Rampak, Johan Pahlawan sub-district, said that his wife had previously moaned in pain because she was about to give birth that night.

Then, he also asked officers and nurses so that his wife was immediately put into the delivery room.

But the nurse stated that the process of giving birth to his wife was still long and not yet time to give birth.

How unfortunate the fate of the two couples, even when asked to be reexamined, hospital officials still ignored them on the grounds that they could not be examined continuously.

In such circumstances, his wife asked to be taken to the toilet because he wanted to pee.

After urinating, the patient mentions that she wants to pup.

However, the patient's husband denied it was not going to pup but would give birth.

It was true, his wife said when the baby's head was about to come out, shortly after that the baby came out and fell to the floor.

In such an kind of condition, the patient's family immediately hysterical, thus making the atmosphere in the room was noisy.

After the unfortunate incident, then the officer outside the bathroom immediately took action and handled Cut Vivi.

"When we fell to the floor we did not have time to welcome it," explained Sudirman.

He also explained, the officer should not have to neglect the service, and underestimate their patient.

This is according to the victim of negligence on the part of officers who underestimate patients.

While in this condition, the patient's family immediately checked in the room.

While the Cut Nyak Regional Hospital Dhien Meulaboh said, related to Cut Vivi (30) patients who gave birth in the Maternity Waiting Room at the Cut Nyak Regional Hospital Dhien Meulaboh, the hospital said that the patient remained under the supervision of the officer. They avoid having neglected their patients and are clean if they have done the procedure according to the rules or SOP.



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