Ironic; Rising the Pigs to Eat, Instead This Old Pig Farmer Is Killed Tragically Eaten By His Own Pigs


Illustration Illustration - A pig farmer allegedly eaten by his own pig. After he disappeared from his farm in Poland.

The man in his 70s lives alone on his farm in Osiek, Lower Silesia. And never seen again since the end of December 2019, quoted from the Daily Star, Friday (17 January 2020).

Police found pigs coming out of their cages and roaming freely around the farmyard.

Magdalena Serafin, the prosecutor for the surrounding district, said the man was last seen on New Year's Eve. At that time, he was reported to be taking water from a well.

Then, on January 8, the man's bones were found by a neighbor at that age. "We don't know the exact date, but in the period between December 31 and January 8 the victims were eaten by pigs," Magdalena said.

After that, evidence shows that his body was devoured by his pig, which left only a few bones and skull fragments behind him.


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