Optimize Early Performance of the Year, Said Hashim: OPD Chief Don't Just Wait Behind the Table


Deputy Regent of Meranti, Said Hashim Deputy Regent of Meranti, Said Hashim - The Meranti Islands District Government expects the performance of each regional device organization (OPD) by early 2020 to be maximized. Instead, he asked the entire OPD chief to step down immediately to see and hear what the community needed.

"All OPD Chiefs from this time on the sidelines do not just sit behind the desk. Because many of our people are poor and malnourished, the OPD Chief should be able to see what the issue is and be able to find a solution," 17/1/2020).

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This is in line with the development of the development program in 2021, beginning with the implementation of Musrenbang Des, Musrenbang District to District. Because the deputy regent does not want all activities programs to be implemented that do not meet the needs of the public.

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As noted from previous years' experience, it is not uncommon for the Village and District to suffer disappointment as some proposals for their strategic activities are not accommodated by the OPD, as the OPD prefers the OPD's wishes without compromising the real-world conditions.

"For the Village and District to do inventory of activities programs that cannot be addressed through the Budget immediately submit proposals to the Regency," he explained.


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