IMT-GT Describe the Concept of Environmentally Friendly Transportation, This Is The Response of Pekanbaru City Government


 (IMT GT Team when presenting the concept of Green Transportation to Pekanbaru City Government officials (R24 / put) (IMT GT Team when presenting the concept of Green Transportation to Pekanbaru City Government officials (R24 / put) -

PEKANBARU - In order to realize environmentally friendly transportation, the Pekanbaru City Government through the Pekanbaru City Transportation Agency (Dishub) held a workshop with representatives of the IMT-GT (Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Growth Triangle) in the Transport Agency meeting room, Friday (01/17/2020).

Led by Assistant III, Baharuddin, the workshop was attended by Kadishub, Yuliarso, Bappeda representatives, Provincial PUPR Office, BPTD Region IV Riau-Kepri, Pekanbaru City PUPR Service, Pekanbaru City Police, and ADB consultant representatives, Willen Browwer, Ki Jonn Kim, and Li Wei.

The workshop with the theme Pekanbaru Green Transportation Plan, the IMT-GT team highlighted various things, including regarding transportation conditions, parking regulations and the regulation of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows in the city of Pekanbaru.

In the presentation of the IMT-GT team, many improvements has to be made by the Pekanbaru City Government to realize environmentally friendly transportation for the community. The most important thing is to change the mindset of people who often use private vehicles to use more mass transportation, walking and cycling.

The arrival of the IMT-GT Team to Pekanbaru was not without cause, they conducted research and research in the City of Sorcerers to realize environmentally friendly transportation or Green Transportation.

This is because Pekanbaru is one of the seven major cities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand as the IMT-GT program in the field of environmentally friendly transportation.

The IMT-GT Team explained that there are five keys to creating green transportation. Among them, the application of mass transportation, pedestrians / bicycles, parking, electric cars, traffic management.

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Assistant III of Pekanbaru City Secretary Baharuddin thanked the IMT-GT team for the proposals that had been submitted to realize the green transportation program in Pekanbaru City.

"We thank you for the input from the IMT-GT team for the program that is delivered earlier, We from Pekanbaru Government have already committed to lead there," he said.

Responding to the matters conveyed by the IMT-GT team, the Head of the Pekanbaru City Transportation Department, Yuliarso said that the green transportation development plan was included in the Smary City Pekanbaru development plan.

"From some of the points proposed by the IMT-GT team, in fact this has become the vision and mission of the Pekanbaru mayor to realize Pekanbaru Smart City," said Head of the Transportation Department (Dishub) of Pekanbaru, Yuliarso.

Meanwhile, related to the management of parking currently in the regulatory stage to make a legal umbrella, after this Transportation Agency will conduct management professionally. (R24 / put)


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