Lack of Parents's Surveillance, This 6-Year-Old Girl's Eyelid Tear Off Due to Metal Clothing Hangers at the Mall


Cecilia Chen, the girl whose eyelids were caught in a coat hanger Cecilia Chen, the girl whose eyelids were caught in a coat hanger - A six-year-old girl had a terrible accident and was almost blind when she tried to grab a piece of clothing while shopping with her grandmother on January 8.

According to the Daily Mail, Cecilia Chen was at the Chatswood Chase shopping center in Sydney with her grandmother looking for the pink shirt she wanted.

When the grandmother looked at the shirt on the high shelf, Cecilia looked at the pink clothes and tried to reach for it, but she was not tall enough. And she jumped to reach it.

However, she lost her balance, so her right eye caught on the metal clothes hanger on the bottom shelf. The condition of her eyes was so pathetic, her upper eyelids, including her eyelashes, were cut off and she screamed in extreme pain.

Cecilia was rushed to the Randwick Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, she too had to wait seven hours before entering the operating room. It took the surgeon four hours to restore her eyelids, but her mother said she would never look the same again.

"Everything happened so suddenly. "Grandmother can't do anything to prevent it," said the girl's mother, adding that Cecilia had to undergo plastic surgery to repair her eyelid muscles and lacrimal glands.

"Luckily her eyeballs are not damaged, but it will take a long time for Cecilia's vision to return to normal," she said.

"Close her right eye will be lower and smaller and never look the same. She was very sad and scared. "

Cecilia's mother is now campaigning for a shopping center that makes clothes racks safer for children because this is not the first time such an accident has occurred.


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