Sadistic! Being Forced to Have Sex, This Woman Beats Her Boyfriend with an Iron to Death


Illustration Illustration - Two tragic events with the background of the rejection of sex activity have occurred in Palembang and Riau in the last few days.

Previously a husband could slash his wife because his wife refused to have sex in Riau.

The latest case in the Palembang is the opposite.

A woman is desperate to kill her lover when she was forced to have sex. SS alias Yana (36) was forced to kill her boyfriend, Darius alias Bonar.

This case was revealed when Yana was arrested by Ilir Barat Sector Police 2 Palembang after being wanted by the police for two days.

Based on the perpetrator's confession, the incident took place on Tuesday (14 January 2020) yesterday around 01.00 p.m.

The unfortunate incident occurred at the rented house of a victim in Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency (PALI), South Sumatra.

Initially, Darius who was in a drunken condition invited the perpetrators to have sex.

However, Yana refused Darius's invitation because Darius was drunk.

"I immediately took the iron pipe in the room and hit it," Yana said, while at Ilir Barat Sector Police 2 Palembang, Thursday (16 January 2020).

"That night I did stay at his house. We've been dating for a year," she continued.

Yana did not deny ever having a husband and wife relationship with her boyfriend during their dating.

However, this time she refused, because the victim was in a drunken condition.

"I immediately ran away after knowing he was dead," she said.

"He was drunk at the time, so I hit him because I was forced," she said.

Meanwhile, the Ilir Barat 2 Police Chief of Palembang Kompol Dudi Novery said the suspect was arrested while at a boarding house in the 7 Ulu area of ??Palembang.

When arrested, the perpetrator immediately admitted her actions.



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