Waaw, There Are About 1,100 Licensed Internet Cafes in Pekanbaru City, This Is The Proof


(One of the unauthorized internet cafes that was sealed by the Government of Pekanbaru (R24 / put)) (One of the unauthorized internet cafes that was sealed by the Government of Pekanbaru (R24 / put)) -

PEKANBARU - The City Government of  Pekanbaru legal team will soon hold a meeting related to the sealing of two internet cafes (warnet) on January 15, 2020. The meeting will discuss the sanctions that will be given to the two internet cafes.

Head of the Complaints Policy Reporting and Services Department of Investment and Integrated Services One Door (DPMPTSP) Pekanbaru City Quarte Rudianto, Friday (17/01/2020) yesterday, said two unlicensed internet cafes were sealed last January 15. The two internet cafes are Alpha Gaming and Pegasus.

After the sealing, the owner of Internet Cafe Alpha Gaming submitted a permit arrangement to DPMPTSP. However, the permit application was rejected.

However, the owner of the Alpha Gaming internet cafe was asked to wait for the sealing problem that will be discussed by Pekanbaru City Government. The sealing of the two internet cafes will be discussed with the Satpol PP and the Statistics Information and Communication Communication Office (Diskominfotiksan).

"A decision will be made later," Quarte said.

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Different opportunity, Head of the Regulatory Section (Kabid) of the Pekanbaru Satpol PP Regional Regulations Rudy Afrianda in a meeting with 15 internet cafe owners, on Friday, there are around 1,100 unlicensed internet cafes. Whereas there are only hundreds of licensed internet cafes.

"Warnet is included in organizations such as the Pekanbaru Internet Cafe Entrepreneurs Association," said Rudy. (R24 / put)


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