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Wow! Idly Trying to Wash Face Using Soaking Water, This Girl's Face Turns Shiny


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Having a face that is clean, white, and shiny is certainly a dream of many people.

Not a few people who try to get a clean and white face by trying a variety of ways.

Starting from going to a dermatologist, undergoing beauty treatments, to diligently wearing skincare.

However, it turns out there is an easier and cheaper way to get clean and sleek skin.

Namely by washing your face regularly with water used to wash rice.

Although it is a traditional method, this method turns out to be one of Asia's natural beauty secrets.


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Reporting from the Bustle page, a woman named Courtney Leiva claimed to try the beauty tips for fun after seeing and hearing information from a dermatologist and beauty vlogger, Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Joel said that rice water is very good to soften and tighten the skin.

Courtney stopped using her skincare series and switched to the rice washing water.

She soaked rice for 30 minutes and took the water.

In the beginning, he washed his face with rice soaking water, Courtney claimed her skin became moister than when using facial soap.

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A week passed, Courtney who switched to rice washing water felt a noticeable change in her skin.

Courtney found that the pimples on his face began to flat and disappear.

She also said that the T zone area (nose and forehead) became non-greasy.

It gives a positive effect on her face makeup which becomes more attached and durable.



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