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Department of Capital Investment of Bengkalis Issued Investment Permits through January


H Indra Gunawan, SIP, MSi H Indra Gunawan, SIP, MSi

News24xx.com - Through January 2018, Department of Capital Investment and One-Way Service (DPM-PSP) Bengkalis District, Riau Province had issued 215 permits with total investment of 56,6 billion Rupiah, as told by the head of DPM-PSP, H. Indra Gunawan on Friday, March 3 2018.

More detailed is that there were prolongation of 201 permits with 43 billion investments and the prolongation of 14 permits with 13,6 billion investment.

Indra said that the permits of Human Resources health were around 64 and all of them were new permits. There were 4 specialized doctoral practice permits, 7 general doctoral practice permits, and 2 pharmacist and assistant pharmacist permits.

In public works and spatial planning field, there were 7 new construction service permits with the 1,6 billion investment and 6 prolonged permits with 2,5 billion investment.

Indra Gunawan said that in trading and entrepreneurship field, the district government had issued around 70 permits. 66 new permits with 18,4 billion investment and 4 prolonged permits with 10,6 billion investment.

For limited liability companies, there were 13 permits issued. “30 new permits with 7,4 investment and 3 prolonged permits with 250 million investment,” said the former head of Bengkalis Market and Hygiene Department.

For companies with limited partnership there were 22 permits issued. 21 prolonged permits with 6 billion investment and 1 new permit with 250 million investment.

For personal companies there were 35 permits issued, all were prolonged with 4,9 billion investment. For branch offices, there 4 prolonged permits with 4,5 billion investment.






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