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Rokan Hilir

Two farmers struck by lightning when taking shelter under a palm tree


Two victims Two victims

News24xx.com -  Two unfortunate farmers were taking shelters under a palm tree when heavy rain with thunder happened in palm oil plantation in Bangko, Rokan Hilir District, Riau Province. 

Suddenly, a thunder was heard and the two poor farmers were struck by lightning when taking shelter from the gales and downpour on Thursday, March 22 2018.

The two farmers are Reza (35) and Ahmad (29). They worked in the aforementioned palm oil plantation.

The head of Rokan Hilir police department, Sigit Adiwuryanto said that it happened after the two of them finished their lunch during their work in the palm oil plantation. 

Suddenly, it rained quite heavily and they searched for shelter so they would not get wet. Other than rain, there was also loud thunder at that time.

“The two victims took shelter in standing position and suddenly lightning struck,” said Sigit, as cited from merdeka.com on Friday, March 23 2018.

The strong lightning strike fried the both of them and they fell unconscious. Their friends, who were taking shelter not far from where they were, quickly went to their place and brought them to the nearest hospital for help. 

“However, their lives could not be saved anymore,” Sigit added.

The police then gave their bodies to their respective family to be buried. The officers asked the people who were around when the incident happened, especially the coworkers of the two farmers who were there at that time.






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