Woman killed her guests for criticizing her culinary skills


Woman killed her guests for criticizing her culinary skills Woman killed her guests for criticizing her culinary skills - 5 people died and about 90 were hospitalized with varying degrees of poisoning.
According to the «Hindustan Times», the 23-year-old Pryadnya Survaze from Khalapura, India, was arrested for mass poisoning. A woman killed five of her guests who didn’t like her dinner.

The girl admitted that she mixed the poison in food to kill her husband, her mother-in-law with her sister and husband, as well as two stepsisters who constantly criticized her food and the color of her face.

For her purpose, during a feast with a relatives Pryadnya used poison against snakes. The girl mixed poison in the food that was served to the guests. She knew that those she wanted to kill would eat her meals.

During the interrogation, Pryadnya Survaze complained that during two years of marriage she was tired of listening to the reproaches in her direction. She was particularly offended by the criticism of her culinary skills.

The girl believed that her first marriage fell apart because of the actions of her relatives. A similar situation developed in the second marriage, therefore Pryadnya decided to radically punish the "guilty".

A few hours after the start of the feast, the guests began to complain of nausea and vomiting.
As a result of the poisoning, five people died, including three children. Another 88 guests were hospitalized with varying degrees of food poisoning. In total, on the celebration were 120 people.

One of the survivors, 13-year-old Vilash Tikri, recalls that the food seemed bitter to him. But nobody paid attention to this.

After comparing the time of eating food and the time of the first symptoms of poisoning, as well as the detected pesticides around the kitchen, the police narrowed the circle of suspects.
After a few hours of interrogation, Pryadnya Survaze confessed to the crime. She is accused of murder and attempted murder. The maximum penalty for these crimes is the death penalty.

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