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Hundreds of building in Islamic boarding school in Rohil was on fire


Illustration Illustration - A raging fire happened in Rohil Regency, Riau Province, on Thursday night, July 4th 2019, at around 20:15 p.m. The fire burnt hundreds of building in a pesantren or Islamic boarding school.

The police said that the fire happened at Pesantren Dar Aswaja, which is located at Poros Street, Kubu Babussalam District, Rohil Regency. Fortunately, there were no casualty and the fire has been put out.

Not only the building connected to each other, but they were made of wood, which made the fire spread faster. Resort Police Chief of Rohil, Sigit Adiwuryanto said that they had not assesed the damage yet.

He said that the police had collected information from a number of witnesses. They speculated that the fire came from garbage combustion near the pesantren. It is reported that around 150 buildings were burnt in the fire.

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