Tips for Maintaining Health in the Surrounding of Smoke Haze


Smoke Haze in Riau. Smoke Haze in Riau. - The smog disaster again occurred in Riau Province. A number of areas in Riau are now exposed to thickening smoke haze caused by burning forests to open land.

In fact, so thick is the smoke haze that it interferes with the daily activities of residents. School children are also forced to be closed because of the haze that has not subsided yet.

Not only does it disrupt the daily activities of the population, haze can also cause health problems.

There are several diseases caused by thick smoke haze. One of the most commonly found is ISPA (Acute Respiratory Infection). But not only ISPA, diseases such as skin allergies and eye irritation also haunt the victims of the smog.

For this reason, it is important to maintain good health in the midst of the smog. Here are some tips, as quoted from

1. Drink plenty of water

Many studies say that lack of drinking water can cause you to lose concentration. If you don't have enough drinking water even in normal air, you can lose concentration, especially in smoke-covered air. The lungs will be dirty and exposed to the evil particles carried by the smoke earlier.

To get rid of bad particles from the body it is recommended to drink enough water. Do not wait until dehydration, because health will be threatened because of lack of water as well as lung damage due to breathing polluted air.

2. Increase the intake of nutritious foods

A strong immune system is needed when facing threats from dirty air polluted by burning smoke. So multiply to consume foods that contain high antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and Omega-3. These substances can be found in foods such as apples, tuna, sardines, kiwi, oranges, green vegetables, and nuts.

3. Wear a mask every time you move outdoors

When covered with smoke, try not to do too much outdoor activity. But if these activities can not be abandoned, then try to use a mask every time you want to move outside the room.

4. Washing hands and face after outdoor activities

Every time outside the room the body is exposed to evil particles carried by the smoke haze. If left unchecked, the skin can also experience health problems, so you should wash your hands and face after outdoor activities.

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