Great! German Police Successfully Thwart 3 ISIS Militant Planned to Kill As Many Infidel As Possible People in Frankfurt


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - German authorities foiled militant plots linked to ISIS to bomb as many 'infidels' as possible.

Already, police in the country arrested three men in Offenbach, near Frankfurt, on suspicion of plotting an attack on ISIS's behalf using explosives, Frankfurt chief prosecutor Nadja Niesen said in a statement.

The prosecutor added the main suspect was a 24-year-old German citizen from Macedonia who wanted to make explosives and try to buy weapons online.

The two accomplices are Turkish citizens aged 22 and 21 years. They were also arrested in a series of attacks today.

Three suspects want to kill as many 'infidels' as possible in the attack.

About 170 police officers searched three apartments in the western city of Offenbach and arrested the men, who had been kissed by the authorities.

Niesen said the suspects appeared to have planned attacks in the Rhine-Main region with the intent to kill as many people as possible, who were called non-Muslims, but it was not yet known whether they had chosen certain targets.

The three suspects are alleged to have talked about their support for ISIS in the presence of witnesses, who told the authorities, Niesen added.

The main suspect, said the police, had 'materials and equipment related to explosives', after a search of his home.

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