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Welcoming the Armed Forces Day, Kodim 0314 Inhil Holds Service of the TNI


(Kodim 0314 Inhil Carry out Military Service in the form of physical activities, namely mutual cooperation (Goro) in places of worship (photo / Rgo)) (Kodim 0314 Inhil Carry out Military Service in the form of physical activities, namely mutual cooperation (Goro) in places of worship (photo / Rgo)) -

INHIL-Kodim 0314 Inhil Carry out TNI Service in the form of physical activities, namely mutual cooperation (Goro) in places of worship and the Makodim Area, in order to welcome the Armed Forces Day of the Army - AD on 15 December 2019.

Before carrying out the Goro, Friday 6 December 2019, all troops first carried out a joint morning apple at the Makodim 0314 / Inhil apple field which was led directly by the Chief of Staff of the Kodim (Kasdim) 0314 / Inhil Major Inf Untung Kusmanto.

The combined team consisted of Kodim 0314 / Inhil staff officers, all Danramil Kodim 0314 / Inhil ranks, all Kodim and Koramil members, LBDH, Environmental and Hygiene Office (DLHK), FKPPI, PPM and Unwa Menwa and Scout members.

In the joint rally, Kasdim 0314 / Inhil Mayor Inf Untung Kusmanto said that the commemoration of the Armed Forces Day is a routine agenda carried out by Kodim 0314 / Inhil.


"This activity has become a tradition for all Army units. Maybe if it is called" Kartika Fighting Day, now it is Army Fighting Day. Therefore, we do mutual cooperation (Goro) together with the community in order to commemorate the struggle of the Army - AD which falls on December 15, 2019, and the purpose of this Goro is to establish harmonious relations between the TNI and the community in the Inhil Regency, "said Kasdim .

The Chaldean hoped that all members will maintain the TNI's image in the eyes of the community. Do the best for this unit by carrying out effective work so that targets can be quickly resolved. And also each Danramil or the oldest to be responsible in controlling its members.


"Hopefully, through this activity can raise awareness in the eyes of the community so that it can raise awareness about cleanliness because cleanliness will reflect the identity of a nation," hoped Kasdim.

After completing the morning rally, the troops were divided into 4 (four) teams or groups, to carry out cleaning in 4 (four) target points, namely, the Kodim 0314 / Inhil Boarding Area, Vihara, Masjid and Tembilahan HKBP Church.

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Meanwhile, Dandim 0314 / Inhil Lt. Col. Inf Imir Faishal said that these 2 days, the 6th and 7th, held the apple of the entire Babinsa and Danramil we gathered at Makodim to give directions or instructions.

"Provision of this material starts from the leadership of the army, Kodam, Korem, until the Kodim. Which is to be implemented in the field so that we achieve unity of steps, unity of movement in work," said Dandim 0314 Inhil.

The commander also noted that in order to welcome the commemoration of the 2019 TNI-AD Fighting Day, many were interspersed with internal activities, such as joint apples, cleaning around the Kodim Dormitory, Vihara, Mosque and Church.


In addition, Kodim 0314 / Inhil will also hold Danramil and Babinsa apples, and will hold a singing competition for babinsa and their wives with the "Babinsa Idol" tajug and volleyball competition

"Yes, the participants are Babinsa from each Koramil. With the aim that they also explore the potential as well as refreshing after a full year of work, work hand in hand with the community in realizing the progress of Inhil Regency and the sovereign Indonesian nation," said Kodim 0314 Inhil.

Kodim Lieutenant Colonel Inf Imir Faishal hopes that all Babinsa can set an example in the community and can help the community in difficulties and be able to work together with all relevant stakeholders

"I hope that all of the first Babinsa should be able to become role models in society, the second Babinsa must be able to help the difficulties of the people in their respective regions, and the third Babinsa must be able to synergize with all relevant stakeholders both from the bhabinkamtibmas police from the government the village of community organizations and all the inhabitants of this inhil, "he hoped. (R24 / Rgo)


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