Fadli Zon Upload Photos With Prabowo, What's the matter?


Fadli Zon Unggah Foto Dengan Prabowo, Ada Apa? Fadli Zon Unggah Foto Dengan Prabowo, Ada Apa? - House of Representatives Fadli Zon uploaded a photo of himself with party leader Gerindra Prabowo Subianto.

The photo was uploaded to his Twitter social media account @fadlizon on Sunday, March 15, 2020.

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"Have a chat recently with P @prabowo," he said.

Prabowo in the middle of wearing a cream shirt and Fadli wearing batik claimed the meeting was held in Bogor, West Java.

"A coffee and tea meeting in Bukit Hambalang, Bogor, he wrote.

Unfortunately, to this day, Fadli Zon still refuses to disclose what they are doing between the two top Gerindra parties.

Netizen who is following his Twitter account also commented on the upload.

"Be healthy Mr. Prabowo," said Democrat politician @ FerdinandHaean2.

"Welcome .... there must be an important report here .. waiting for the surprise," hope @ayankcakep.

"leak sir, what is the attitude of the PS to the corona today ?," explained @ danidarmawan78.

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"I can be a defense minister now busy party. Support Jokowi and his JD walkot. Though many cadres who GerindraTV #ngibul performance," concludes @ rorien28.


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