PSI Critisizes Government Related to Corona Handling


(Garace Natalie) (Garace Natalie) -

JAKARTA - Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto was asked to be honest, open and transparent in handling the corona virus outbreak or COVID-19.

This was stated by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Grace Natalie in an open letter addressed to the Minister of Health.

According to him, the government was too late in handling the outbreak of the virus from Wuhan City.

As a result, Indonesia is now in a state of crisis.

Grace believes that this crisis really does not need to happen if the government, especially the Minister of Health and its staff are open.

"From the beginning we wasted the opportunity to respond to this threat the right way," Grace said, launching Idtoday Saturday (04/11/2020).

As a result, the spread of corona becomes widespread and difficult to control.

"Victims continue to fall and the impact of economic losses is increasingly widespread," he continued.

Therefore, he reminded Terawan and other government elements to no longer use the words 'just enjoy, eat enough' in the face of this plague.

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"Honorable Mr. Terawan, be honest. Honesty is the best choice in a pandemic, "she insisted.

Grace also urged Terawan to open all incoming entrants completely and quickly.

"Nobody can be covered up," she said.

PSI believes that openness can be a source of unity and restore people's trust in the government.

"We are aware that any policy will never be easy to take in difficult times like now," Grace said.

The former journalist emphasized that now a huge burden is on the shoulders of the Minister of Health.

"But apparently that's the fate of history that is on the shoulders of all of us. On the shoulders of Mr. Terawan, "she said.

According to Grace, Terawan is the part of people who have taken the wrong step or policy.

"But the willingness to immediately correct oneself and rise from mistakes is the way humans show their strength,"s he said.

To note, as of Thursday (9/4/2020), the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia increased by 337 cases.


Thus, the number of positive patients in Indonesia reached 3,293 people.

While the number of dead reached 280 cases. While the total recovery was 280 people. ***

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