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This UI Professor Slammed the Statement of Mahfud MD Who Equated Corona Virus with Wife: So Heretical!


(Mahfud MD) (Mahfud MD)

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The statement of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD who likened the Corona virus to a conquered wife received sharp attention from two Professors. Mahfud's statement was considered heretical and did not empathize.

University of Indonesia professor of sociology Tamrin Tomagola through his official Twitter account @tamrintomagola denounced this opinion. The reason he said, it was not appropriate to be expressed by a state official similar to Menko.


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"It is a very misguided equating the corona virus with an unconquerable wife: 1) First astray: the relation of the wife and husband is a parallel partner. Not a conquering relationship with the conquered; 2) the second heretic, the wife is a citizen of human habitat while the corona virus is a citizen of equals. wild, non-human habitat "he tweeted on Twitter.

In line with Tamrin, sociologist Ariel Heryanto also became furious with Mahfud MD's statement. "Disgusting. Waiting for the correction !, "Ariel said in the account @ariel_heryanto.

Previously, at the Halal bi Halal event of IKA UNS that was broadcast on the Youtube channel of Sebelas Maret University (05/26), Mahfud MD ran by likening the corona virus as a wife who could not be conquered by her husband.

"The title (the meme sent by Luhut Pandjaitan) is in English. Corona is like your wife. In easily you try to control it, then you realize that you can't. Than you learn to live with it. Corona is like your wife, when you want to marry you think you can conquer her. But after becoming your wife, you cannot conquer your wife. Then, then you make peace and live with her. "

Likewise with Covid-19, said Mahfud, like it or not the community must make peace and live side by side with it. ***

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