Corona Endless, British Close Embassy in North Korea and Return the Diplomat


Illustration Illustration - The British authority temporarily closed its embassy in North Korea (North Korea) and withdrew all its diplomatic staff from the communist country. This step was taken amid restrictions on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) imposed by North Korean authorities.

"The British Embassy in Pyongyang has been temporarily closed from May 27, 2020, and all diplomatic staff have left the DPRK for a while," said the British Ambassador to North Korea, Colin Crooks, in a post via Twitter, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (28 May 2020 ).

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Crooks refers to North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which is abbreviated as DPRK.

In a separate statement, the Foreign Office's office said the decision was taken because North Korea imposed 'restrictions on entry to the country which made it difficult to rotate our staff and maintain embassy operations'.

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It also said that Britain intends to maintain diplomatic relations with North Korea. "Will try to rebuild our presence in Pyongyang as soon as possible," said the office of the British Foreign Ministry.

North Korea has so far not confirmed the existence of Coronavirus cases in its territory, but has banned all cross-border travel and required all foreigners to undergo quarantine for weeks.

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