Horrible! Consumption of Tooth Pain Medication, This Beautiful Woman Suffers from Allergic Reactions


Allergic medicine for toothache, this beautiful girl becomes so pathetic Allergic medicine for toothache, this beautiful girl becomes so pathetic - Ibuprofen is a drug that is quite commonly found in most households and is used as a painkiller to deal with body aches and pains. Similar to paracetamol, this drug can be purchased easily at most pharmacies in many countries.

However, like all drugs, the physiology of some human bodies has different reactions. Even someone can suffer an allergic reaction after consuming ibuprofen without realizing it.

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In a recent viral post shared on Thai social media, a netizen shared a story about how a woman bought a bottle of painkillers ibuprofen to help her fight pain after receiving wisdom teeth surgery.

Then, without realizing it turned out he was suffering from an allergy to ibuprofen.

Without consulting a doctor to get more information about his own health condition, he took one pill in the morning, and another in the afternoon.

And that's when things changed for the worse. His eyes began to hurt, and his lips began to swell. Soon after, a rash started to appear on his neck and he did not have enough energy to move.

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As soon as he rushed to the hospital, the woman found herself in intensive care for more than seven days due to a severe allergic reaction to ibuprofen before finally recovering.

According to the American Food and Drug Administration, symptoms of allergic reactions to ibuprofen include itching, facial swelling, asthma, reddened skin, rashes, blisters, and shock. However, in very rare cases, some people like this young woman will show a severe allergic reaction to ibuprofen, as in the case of 13-year-old Calvin Lock, who almost died from taking ibuprofen.

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