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The Regent Leads a Meeting on Prevention Efforts Covid-19


Regent of Indragiri Hilir, HM Wardan when Chairing the Meeting Regent of Indragiri Hilir, HM Wardan when Chairing the Meeting

News24xx.com - Indragiri Hilir Regent HM Wardan, together with elements of the task force team leader, held a meeting in the context of efforts to enlighten and spread the Corona Virus, Wednesday, June 24, 2020 afternoon.

On this occasion, the Regent admitted that there had been an increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in recent days. That's because there is a mass swep program that has been done.

That is, the more swaps, the more cases are found. Can be explained this effort is a step of the Covid-19 Task Force Team to anticipate the spread of the virus.

"So that this problem does not cause panic in the community, we need to explain that swapping is an anticipation of the spread of the virus," said the Regent.


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As such, the Regent, who is also the chairperson of the Indragiri Hilir Covid-19 Task Force Team, asked the meeting participants to submit their entries. Through input and advice, more serious preventive steps can be taken.

"But in my opinion, the implementation of the health protocol remains the main in suppressing new cases," said the Regent.

An increase in cases, continued the Regent, at least despite being a motivation for the team in carrying out preventive tasks. Included in improving the community so that they are more disciplined.

"We see many people starting to let their guard down. This must be our common concern," he said.

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Another suggestion, the Cluster Team will tighten the provision of facilities in accordance with the health protocol. Among other things, the provision of washing hands, both in public places and offices.

Meanwhile, Doctor Aleksis, explained based on medical explanations in one person the potential to transmit four people specifically to Riau Province. Likewise for Indragiri Hilir.

"As for today's case, there are those who are included in the Patient Under Supervision, Tracking and Mass Swep. This is one of the causes of an increase in cases," he explained.

As a medical officer, he is proud to be able to find new cases. This means they have worked, so that they can find positive cases of Covid-19, as happened several days ago.

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