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The Commitment of the Siak Regency Government Provides Guarantees of Protection to honorarium employees, Receiving an Award from the Managing Social Security Administration Agency


Submission of Award Charter to the Government of Siak Regency Submission of Award Charter to the Government of Siak Regency

News24xx.com - The commitment of the Siak Regency Government in providing Protection to the participation of Non-Civil Servants or Honorary Government Employees throughout Siak Regency in 2019, received an appreciation from the Labor Social Security Administration Agency.

The appreciation was evidenced by the awarding of the award charter to the Siak Regency Government, from the labor BPJS as well as giving up pension and death benefits, as well as the Employment Social Security Organizing Card to the Task Force and Volunteer Covid-19.

Acting Regional Secretary Siak Jamaludin after receiving the award certificate stated, BPJS Employment is a strategic partner of the government, not least the Regional Government of Siak Regency, in an effort to provide labor social security, especially to Government Employees Non-Civil Servants. Employment Social Security is one of the basic rights for employees and workers, to ensure the safety, welfare of workers and their families, especially for economic risks faced when work accidents, death, or in the age of not productive.

"So if our workers are included in the Manpower Social Security Organizing Agency, we don't have to worry very much, because there are guarantees given, including honorarium employees in the Siak district environment," said Jamal in the Raja Indra Pahlawan Office of the Siak Regent Office.


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He continued, previously the Siak Regency Government had programmed the village / village apparatus into the BPJS Employment including the Head of the RT / RK, so that there was comfort and calm for them to work.

Alhamdulillah, continued Jamal, the partnership in terms of efforts to fulfill social security for the workforce has been able to be followed up, through the signing of a Cooperation Agreement related to the Participation of the Employment Social Security Program for Non-Civil Servants Government Officials in Siak Regency, which has been realized by providing guarantee protection social workforce to honorary numbering approximately 6,200 people from 2019 to the present.

"For us to understand, in 2019 there were 3 cases of Work Accident Assurance which have been paid compensation amounting to Rp.59,225,803, - and at that time only got 24 million. Then for 2020 there has been a proposal / pangamping of one accident case work and 3 people who died "he said.

Lastly, on behalf of the Regional Government of Siak Jamal Regency, he would like to express his deepest gratitude to the leadership of the Manpower Social Security Organizing Agency along with the ranks for the award given, as well as the partnership that has been going well so far in the context of objectives in line with the strategic role of the Managing Social Security Agency as a partner of the Siak Regency Government, in carrying out the mandate of the law providing protection in the form of labor social security to non-Civil Servants Employees within the Siak Regency Government.

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"This award is certainly very important, because it will whip our spirits forward to further raise awareness in fulfilling basic rights to employees, who have contributed greatly to the smooth running of programs and activities in the Regional Government of Siak Regency" he concluded.

West Sumatra BPJAMSOSTEK Deputy Director Riau and the Riau Islands, Pepen S Almas said, his party has given awards and appreciation and thanks for the extraordinary commitment of the Government of Siak Regency, for having registered non-Civil Servant Government employees who were given social security Social Employment.

"This award certainly has a reason, we selectively give to parties that are consistently and cognitively exceptional for the development of employment social security" he said.

Almas continued, Siak Regency was already above the national average for membership, this is of course wherever the name of social security is indeed the involvement of the state is here. This will not be done well if the regional head's support is lacking.

"Today we witness the Siak government has shown its highest level of commitment to equalize the social security of labor. Siak Regency Government is extraordinary, sympathizers and volunteers from the task force to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 are also given protection" explained Almas. (Adv)

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