Indonesia May Be Proud, This German Woman Makes Archipelago Musical Instrument And Is Exhibited At The Festival


Indonesian musical instrument Indonesian musical instrument - In the exhibition held at the World Cultural Museum, Weltkulturenmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany in 2020., visitors were treated to a variety of traditional musical instruments from various countries. Indonesian traditional musical instruments are not left behind. The curator is Vanessa Von Gliszczynski, who is fluent in Indonesian and studies music ethnography. He said: "Indeed we at Weltkulturenmuseum have a large collection of musical instruments from Indonesia, not only stringed instruments, but also a kind of drums, drums, and so on. We also have gamelan. When we want to make an exhibition about changes in the world and how some mixed culture, it turns out that stringed instruments are often 'sort of' imported from abroad into Indonesia and made into something unique to Indonesia, such as the zither for example coming from the Arab world, around the 15th century. "

What amazed Vanessa was that there were many stringed instruments that were integrated into Indonesian culture and became a special instrument. "I myself also like to play the guitar. So I have a special interest in the instrument," said Vanessa who claimed to learn Indonesian from the songs of famous bands in Indonesia.

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Indonesian traditional stringed musical instruments according to Vanessa are so diverse. The stringed instrument from Flores is called reba, made from coconut shells, and has a small shape, "While the one from Java is very luxurious when we compare it. There is another stringed instrument from Israel, Israel-Arab, it is made of goatskin. So it's very different, but what's interesting is that there is its own character. "

In this museum, there are also gambus musical instruments from Palembang and Seram Island made of wood. Vanessa recalled: "The one from Palembang wears a variety of decorations, colorful, while the one from Seram, simple sekai, only from wood. What I like the most is a musical instrument made of bamboo. If from Sunda, it is called celempung. Only one bamboo with two strings and beaten like a zither. "

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