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Very Cool! D'MASIV Brings Korean Songs, This Korean



News24xx.com - D'MASIV appeared as one of the guest stars on the third day of the Neno Fest virtual music festival on Sunday (28 June 2020). In his performance, vocalist Rian Ekky Pradipta expressed his desire to surprise k-pop fans.

He said that after the song Silent Without a Word. "At Neno Fest, we want to give a surprise to k-pop fans. EXO-L (the name for fans of the South Korean group EXO) certainly knows," said Rian.


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Sure enough, D'MASIV that night brought Suho EXO's song Let's Love. This is not the first time they have brought the song back before D'MASIV has been viral on the internet for singing it.

Rian, the vocalist admitted that his band always appreciates musicians whose music is good, there is an EXO member named Suho, that's good.

According to Rian, he and his bandmates were interested in bringing the song back because there was one citizen who revealed that the song Let's Love resembled their song.

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