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Look for Animosity with India India, TikTok and Tens of Chinese Applications Will be Banned


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News24xx.com - The Indian government banned dozens of well-known applications from China. This was done amid high tension following the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers in clashes with Chinese troops on the Himalayan border.

A total of 59 applications were blocked, mostly from China, and included the popular TikTok application made by Bytedance and WeChat from Tencent. The Indian technology ministry said the application was considered insecure because it endangered user data.

"Data collection interferes with India's national security and defense, a very deep concern that requires emergency action," said the Indian Ministry of Information Technology.


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Regarding this ban, Google and Apple were ordered to delete all applications that are banned from their respective application stores. The ban on TikTok Cs is certainly quite an impact because India is a big market.

TikTok, for example, is very popular in India and has been installed 611 million times. Bytedance even plans to invest USD 1 billion to expand its market in India. WeChat messaging application is also quite widely used with 100 million downloads.

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When confirmed, Google claimed to be still waiting for requests from the government to block. While Apple has not given a statement.

"This is the fastest and most powerful action the government can take to put economic pressure on Chinese companies," said Santosh Pai, a legal observer from Link Legal regarding the ban on TikTok Cs, as quoted by Reuters.

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