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Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Claim Free Shiny Zeraora


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News24xx.com - All Sword and Shield players will be able to get a free Shiny Zeraora via Pokemon Home until July 6; here's how to claim it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can grab another free Pokemon for a limited time. Because more than one million trainers defeated the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora in Max Raids this month, all players will be able to receive a free Shiny Zeraora starting today, June 29, at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. Here's how to claim it.

Once the distribution period begins, the free Mythical Pokemon will be given away via the mobile version of Pokemon Home. Everyone who has transferred a Pokemon from Sword or Shield into Home, or vice versa, between June 17 and July 6 will be able to claim it, even if you haven't participated in a Zeraora Raid.

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Once you've met that requirement, follow these steps to receive your Shiny Zeraora:

- Select the Menu button at the bottom of the screen
- Select Mystery Gift
- Select Gift Box
- Tap on the Pokemon in the Gift Box and select Receive

Alongside Zeraora, you'll also get a handful of Armorite Ore. These are new items introduced in Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor expansion, and they have several uses. You can pay Ore to an NPC inside the Master Dojo to teach a Pokemon brand-new moves, or you can give some to Digging Pa to dig up more Watts, which are necessary to upgrade the dojo with additional amenities.

The Shiny Zeraora distribution ends at 4:59 PM PT on July 6, so you'll only have until then to claim the Pokemon. You can read more details about the distribution on the official Pokemon website.


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